April 2014

The Electric Blue World of Antarctica

April 7, 2014


In November of 2013 I was fortunate to head to Antarctica on a One Ocean expedition.  This trip was through a generous prize donated by One Oceans, given to STAND for winning Best Film at the 2013 Vancouver Festival of Ocean Films.  Anthony and I both went on the trip and it was really an experience that is barely describable.  I communicate emotions, thoughts, feelings through my art, and using the camera as a tool, I focused on the rich colours of the frozen continent.  Although other colours occasional presented themselves (for a future post on oranges and reds), blue and every imaginable and unimaginable tone and vibrance of blue is in existence in Antarctica.

I present The Electric Blue World



Kauai – a photographic journey

April 2, 2014

Over the Christmas period of 2012/2013 I spent a few weeks on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai.  Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian islands and it’s geology and landforms reflect the time it has been exposed to the erosive forces of nature.  Steep spines and gullied mountain ridges, gigantic and lush vegetation and beautiful waves.  One really cool unexpected thing happened in an equipment accident that I continue to use as a tool ever since. Here is a snapshot of my visit.