November 2012

The World Open photo competition – Finalist

November 20, 2012

Let me begin by saying that usually I am not a huge fan of photo competitions.  How do you judge images so different from each other, seemingly not comparable.  I guess at the end of the day, the components that make a great image remain the same.  I usually do not enter photo competitions for this reason, and that it is often seen as a waste of my time to bother submitting, paying fees etc.  For The World Open, I took a different approach.

The World Open is a new photo competition that summoned over 9000 images from all over the world. There were five categories (action, street, nature, people, open), and I managed to get one photo as a finalist (top 40 / category) in the ‘action’ category.  I am very stoked on this, as all I wanted to do by participating in this comp was to have a presence in this body of images, to help get my photos to a few more eyes.


My finalist image is of Kyle Norbraten riding on the Oregon Coast.



STAND teaser, open your eyes and ears to the Great Bear Rainforest

November 20, 2012

A quick little update with STAND teaser that we just completed.  More collaborations with the final output than ever before and we are super stoked.  To join the team, head over to to contribute.  Defend our coast, no tankers, clean oceans for all.

STAND teaser