June 2012

Publications of the recent past. A varied collection.

June 22, 2012

a mixed bag of gallery and article image usage over the past couple of months


As seems to be the theme of my blog, it’s been a while since my last post.  In the past couple of months I have been working mostly on Stand film (standfilm.com).  May was spent figuring out logistics of traveling through Haida Gwaii, park permits, filming permits, insurance, flights, more flights, sailboats, ferries, food, beer, and everything inbetween. During that time and upon my arrival, I’ve received a number of recent publications that I’d like to share.  Three mags chose my images for covers in the past few months.  I am very stoked to see the diversity amongst these covers.  Something I find interesting with all of these is that the originals were shot as landscape images.  The way I frame a landscape image often allows it to be a perfect two-page spread or cropped into a single page.  Although this is the first time that I have action covers not shot vertically.


Dirt magazine, from the UK, printed this cover of Kyle Norbraten in Fernie, BC.  This shoot was plagued with problems from the beginning with the whole build being done in the rain and fog, mud-mitigation was the name of the game.  Finally after days of rain and nearly being struck by lightning, the clouds parted and we had a day and a half of good weather for filming.  I did a pan this one and only time in the whole shoot and it turned out exactly how I wanted.  Sometimes things just click, when the rider is in the zone, I’m in the zone, and everything is just flowing.  This was one of those moments.  I presented this cover to Kyle with a little bit of handy cam work by Dylan Dunkerton.  You can check it out here...Kyle’s reaction is priceless.

Dirt mag, UK, Cover with Kyle Norbraten

Original still image for the Dirt cover.

Earlier this Spring, I also landed the cover of Big Bike magazine with Graham Agassiz shredding in Kamloops golden light.

Big Bike mag, France, Cover with Gragam Agassiz


Original still for the Big Bike cover.


Upon my arrival from Haida Gwaii, I saw this image below posted.  It is Darcy Turenne shredding in Sorata, Bolivia, on the cover of Australian outdoor magazine, Outer Edge.  The trip her, Hopkins, and I went on to Bolivia last year was incredible, just hitting the very edge of trails to be ridden in that country.  I know I will be back sometime in the future.  Thanks again to Travis Gray of Andean Epics for the priceless guiding and facilitating, even if things were a bit loose. This issue of Outer Edge also features a story from our Bolivia trip penned and photographed by yours truly.

Outer Edge mag, Australia - Cover with Darcy Turenne in Sorata, Bolivia


Original still for the Outer Edge cover.


I have been working a lot lately on getting full articles in magazines.  This allows more of my imagery to be showcased while at the same time providing words to fill in the blanks.  The two major pieces that have be getting good press are 1) trip to Sorata, Bolivia from last spring, and 2) From the Inside Out bike film articles. Here is a sampling.

Dirt Magazine article (words and photos) for From the Inside Out


Mountain Life mag Summer 2012, photos


Big Bike mag, France, Bolivia article


Big Bike mag, France - Inside Out article (words and photos)


Stand mag, Hungary.


Time to keep the wheels spinning and head into some fresh zones.  I’ve been doing a lot of scouting lately and am really excited about one zone in particular, which may be a 2013 mission, but who knows, maybe the stars will align for 2012.