May 2012

An evening to remember

May 6, 2012

This evening was one to remember.  All day it had been nice out.  We got a bunch of gardening done, had a long bike ride, had a swim and were cooking dinner on a fire at the beach.  We were cruising and so were the low lying clouds which we noticed were disappearing.  As the moon rose, it did so nearly right at sunset and the colours that it picked up were incredible.  Heather didn’t even see the moon at first because it looked so odd, and I was scrambling down to the beach with gear in hand.


It is incredible the detail we can see in the the moon.  So many craters and features like the massive crater on the bottom right of moon in frame.

The photos do the rest. shot at 300mm with a 1.5x crop (450mm eq.).


Good to be home at one the beach.





UBC Botanical Gardens – a wedding and an all time sunset go together well

May 2, 2012

The UBC Botanical Gardens are awesome. Straight up.  With areas on both sides of Marine Drive, the gardens span a rather large amount of land and include a massive diversity of greenery, from towering cedars to twisted and shaped fruit trees to tropical plants.  For some reason, during my six year stint attending school at UBC, I never once ventured into the gardens’ back corners, maybe because as soon as class was done I was pinning it on my bike home.  Thus, it was rather nice to hear that my sister was getting married at the gardens, and finally I’d get a chance to walk through the forests and see what it was all about.

I was tasked with the job of wedding photographer for this celebration, and although I am sometimes uneasy about shooting family and friends’ weddings (because it cuts into my experience of the day and evening), I decided to take this one on as I knew the area would produce some great shots.  Scouting the gardens the day before the wedding, I located some spots to shoot if it was sunny and if it was cloudy…sunny being the more difficult one as the forest would be full of hotspots and the white dress would be a massive light reflector out in the open.  On the wedding day, we snapped shots at a few choice spots in the gardens and then a few at the Museum of Anthropology.

Following the shoot, the ceremony and reception were a blast.  Shooting a wedding is a high pressure scenario for a photographer as you have one chance, that’s it.  Two bodies with different lenses is mandatory if you are going to capture those moments properly, and after what felt like only a few minutes (but was more like 20) of stealthly running around capturing the happenings, Kristine and Geoff were officially both Andersons. Something I always keep in the back of my head, and warn my clients about is the desire to shoot in golden light.  Usually something like this “So, the light might get really good this evening, around 7:30pm, and if you are interested, there may be the opportunity to crush some nugs.”  Well, maybe not exactly in those words, but that’s the point.  Luckily for all of us, this wedding was one of those where the light began to fire, and it happened to do so in between speeches and dessert – a perfect time to steal the bride and groom and capture the best images of the day. I’ll let the images do the rest of the talking, but needless to say, I was very happy with the result.  It wasn’t until after the power light photoshoot was over that I realized the magnitude of what just aligned – the day the couple had chosen for their wedding happened to be sunny, the location they chose happened to have a nice open pagoda, the sun happened to be setting directly in-line with the center of the pagoda, and we all happened to have the time and be alert enough to capitalize on it. Thanks to Paulla and Kourosh for assisting in that.


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