November 2011

Approaching winter, bike films and random adventures

November 1, 2011

Fall is one of my favorite seasons.  There is still enough daylight to get a lot of activities crammed into a day.  Mountain bike trail conditions reach the apex of primeness, surf begins to pick up with regularity to the pulsing swells, and the air smells rich with anticipation as winter approaches fast.  This is a time of year that rather than put the bike away, I get a chance to bring it out more and ride for fun.  At the same time I get a chance to explore surfing to a greater depth and catch up on everything that got pushed to the back burner at the end of summer.  Winter is coming and I am very stoked to ski this year and expand my horizons in the skiing world.  Fall is diversity…or maybe diversity is an old old wooden ship used during the civil war era….or maybe Ron Burgandy’s definition wasn’t quite correct.


To start off the results of the diversity that Fall presented, here is a short video produced as Dendrite Studios from a heli trip to TLH heliskiing with Epic Planks.  I finally got a chance to finish up the edit in time to release this piece and get everyone jonesing for pow! My first heli-ski trip, this adventure was all time, skiing pow and eating like Kings.

After the TLH edit, it was back to the mountain biking world to help finish up ‘From the Inside Out‘ by Secondbase Films (The Coastal Crew + Anthill Films).  My role on this film began as a photographer, and I’d shoot the odd video here and there.  As it was time to nail down The Coastal Crew’s segment, Curtis took a very bad crash and put himself out of production.  Then a couple of weeks later, Norbs crashed and broke his foot.  This left Dylan as the only person who could get into the zones to film, but also the only person left to ride.  As a result, I happily hopped into a much larger role as cinematographer, and Logan was a big help firing the remotes for the photos. The production timeline for Inside Out was insane, way too tight, but we managed to get it all done without too many sleepless nights.

As a result of all of our travels and bike shooting, I have a number of new magazine publications to share.  Kyle Norbraten’s train gap nailed Photo of the Month in The Red Bulletin, as well as two spreads in Freeride Germany magazine Gallery (Oregon shot below plus the train gap); Darcy Turenne‘s Dakine ad came out with a bunch of shots from a recent trip to Bolivia, and Kenny Smith’s Fox train gap jumping ad can be seen online, in Decline, and Bike magazines.  As well there are gallery images and spreads in the current MBUK, The Ski Journal, and Spoke Magazine.


Darcy Turenne Dakine Ad, Bike Mag, Oct 2011

Darcy Turenne Dakine Ad, Bike Mag, Oct 2011


The Red Bulletin - Kyle Norbraten train gap, Oct 2011



Kyle Norbraten in Freeride Magazin (Germany)