September 2011

On set : Fernie and Rossland

September 2, 2011

So things have been busy, way too busy….it seems like i find myself saying this more and more. Oh well.  I’ve been shooting stills and video on set for From the Inside Out bike film with The Coastal Crew.  After a quick stop in Whistler, we built and shot in Rossland with Mike Hopkins and after that we went to Fernie.  We are now in an incredible house right on the mountain and as we wait for light there is an energy around as we know the zone we built has some high potential to produce.  Tonight is the the 7th night of the trip and only the 4th in a bed (the rest were in the van while shooting night TLs and sunrises), and I’m stoked to have broken the 50:50 mark finally.  Here are some scenics and a few lifestyles from shooting with Hopkins in Rossland and then a few from the Fernie build.