August 2011

Surf/camp Trip Image Gallery

August 19, 2011

Here are some images from our surfing camping trip.  The surf was good and got really great on the last day, the salmon were big, and many good times were had in sun and only a bit of rain.  I’ll let the images do the rest of the talking.



Every shot must be used – a surf / camping short project

August 9, 2011

Alrighty, here is my first ‘real’ blog post.  Tomorrow I am heading out on a vacation, my one and only summer vacation.  An escape from computers, phones, people, and work.  Where might one find such a paradise in this world of access and internet on every corner?  Well, for the past 3 years I’ve been going on boat trips with some friends to remote beaches to camp, surf, fish, and just plain chill.  Such trips have sometimes been work related, as Mountain Life ran an article in 09/10 winter issue, and a few other images have popped up in mags from other years.  This year is different though.  The artistic direction I have been going lately puts increasing importance on the process vs the outcome.  The outcome is still important, but the creative process is what drives me to create art in whatever way I do.  Whether it is documenting nature’s artwork or capturing great moments, it is all fun.

For this trip I was thinking about leaving the cameras at home, but that never happens.  As I love shooting and this trip is about being immersed in a most beautiful place, on a beach, with a rivermouth, fish, and surf, well, there are always things to shoot.  I have come up with a project for myself that will really push my creative process and help tighten up my filming skills.  The yet to be titled project will have strict requirements on what is shot and what ends up on timeline.  The plan is to shoot a short video and that is about the only content restriction.  The big thing is that EVERY SINGLE VIDEO CLIP THAT I RECORD WILL BE USED IN THE FINAL EDIT.  That’s right, if I commit and hit that record button, the shot better be a banger and important as it will be going in the edit.  I will not waver on this and as such it will really push me to think very very carefully about every shot, the light, the composition, the content, the need for it in the timeline, etc.  I’m stoked to do something different, and this really will make the post-process a who the le lot easier only dealing with footage that will be in the final timeline.







Of course I will also shoot stills…many stills, or not many, depending on how I feel, but knowing the zone we are headed into and beautiful evening light that exists, I’m sure I’ll find myself bouncing across the sand digging up nugs during golden hour.

Ciao for now and i’ll report back in a week plus.  Should be fun!