September 20, 2014

As those of you who have spent time looking at my imagery, moving and not, have likely picked up on an attention to detail and elements of precision.  This is something I hold most true, that no video cut is ever 1 frame off (1/24th of a second), and nothing extra is an image.  Along this path, the music I choose to marry my images when assembled in slideshow or video form, is also precise.  The combination of two senses receiving the same emotional information yields a response in the active viewer/listener that is what really in art I think we are all trying to achieve.  An amplification of the emotions, the connections, the understanding of things in our vision and our minds, a synthesis of senses.

Here are a few slideshows and videos of the recent past exploring various elements of what drives my work and vision and that of our film production company, Dendrite Studios. We recently launched a new site and look for Dendrite Studios, bringing in the spirit of the raven and the creativity they derive into our brand of making kickass videos.


Electric Blue – a photographic look at Antarctica from Dendrite Studios on Vimeo.

Scale Independence – a look at the creativity of the natural world from Dendrite Studios on Vimeo.

Deep Winter 2014 slideshow by Nicolas Teichrob from Dendrite Studios on Vimeo.


Nicolas Teichrob 2013 Deep Summer Slideshow from Dendrite Studios on Vimeo.


STAND film Trailer – a surf and SUP documentary about a threatened coast from Dendrite Studios on Vimeo.


Coast Mountain Culture – Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine Promo from Dendrite Studios on Vimeo.

Kauai – a photographic journey

April 2, 2014

Over the Christmas period of 2012/2013 I spent a few weeks on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai.  Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian islands and it’s geology and landforms reflect the time it has been exposed to the erosive forces of nature.  Steep spines and gullied mountain ridges, gigantic and lush vegetation and beautiful waves.  One really cool unexpected thing happened in an equipment accident that I continue to use as a tool ever since. Here is a snapshot of my visit.

A Failure of Reason

July 20, 2013

A dead eagle on a stream bed in the Great Bear Rainforest. Power.

A couple of months ago a new magazine started.  I got word of it early on and knew I wanted to be involved.  It’s called Mountain Life Annual is published by the same rad people behind Mountain Life Coast Mountains, but with a jump into a new league.  MLA has a select number of partners, companies that get the rights to have one ad in the magazine, or book as it is more appropriately referred to.  Leslie Anthony is at the helm of the editing and he is about as good or better than anyone for the role.  Expect big things from this annual book. Fortunately for me, in the first issue (currently at the printers), there is an article about the opponents to the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline – tanker route, and included in these colourful characters is Norm Hann.  Norm was the star of STAND film, and as such I had a plethora of beautiful and often alternative type imagery that usually would find no home.  Mountain Life Annual gave them a home.  In this article four of my favourite images are shared as spreads, along with a few spots.  Check out this mag when it comes out, because if this is an indication on the quality, then it is going to be premium coffee table fodder.

STAND world premiere, articles, and vacation

May 28, 2013

In a form I keep trying to break, I’m finally writing a blog post two months after my last one.  I keep saying to myself and others that I will try to write and share more, but sometimes work and play get in the way of me and my blog.  But alas, here I am again to spill out some of the most exciting things that have been happening in my world of photography and film over the past 2 months.

For the month of April I pretty much lived in my office, starring at a computer screen and a final cut timeline that seemed endless.  Segment after segment, edit after edit, slowly STAND film was cracked away during the final stages.  Sound design, colour correction, DVD design, poster design, articles, magazines, promo images, blog posts, festivals, world premieres, sponsors, new sponsors, logistics, logistics, logistics.  That is what the month looked like, plus about 1000 other things that I couldn’t keep out of my brain; things to do or unique ideas or future trip planning.  But after all the chaos of finishing a full film to a level I was proud of, we had the world premiere of STAND in Vancouver, BC, on Friday May 3.  The venue was packed, 400 people strong, focusing their eyes and ears on what Anthony and I had dedicated the last two years of our lives to.  It was the big test, and we passed with flying colours.  The projection system was incredible, loaned to us graciously by Sim Digital (thankyou greatly Max and Jon!), and it pumped a massive 10,000 lumen 1920×1080 image onto a 24 foot wide screen.  The event went off and I look back at that evening with such fond memories.  My whole family was there, Anthony’s parents from Australia were there and Norm’s family from Ontario was there.  Mike and Lucy McQuade traveled down from Haida Gwaii, Chris and Kara Williamson traveled down from Kelowna, and friends came from Whistler and Revelstoke for the show.  A full recap with images can be seen on STAND’s blog.  Following the premiere we had shows in Victoria and Tofino, and then it was vacation for me.  I surfed a bunch in Tofino, then when up island to a bike-surf mission with some bros and we hunkered down on BC’s coast for a week of rain, wind, wolves, bears, sea lions, fish, and some slabs.  What we found was a miniature gem, but most importantly it opened the doors to future exploration and adventure.

Upon arriving back in civilization and seeing that our province had voted Christy Clark back into power as premier, and with a majority, I was crushed.  The fight for our coast continues harder than ever now, and I’ve seen even more to keep the fuel lit forever.  The day I got home we hosted the Roberts Creek Film Festival, part of the Arts Festival and showed STAND twice to two packed and engaged crowds.  The day that event ended I finally took a breath and could sit down and gather my bearings.  Work is busy as always which is good but tiring at times.  I know it will slow down, but certain things always need to be maintained when running your own business and those things do not go on vacation when you do.  Fortunately I have a good group of friends and family that pick up the slack when I am away.

In some greater news of magazine publications, I’m stoked to share a recent article that ran in SBC Surf magazine’s current issue.  Thanks to Ikelite Underwater housings for keeping my camera dry and allowing me to make pictures like the one in this article of legend Raph Bruhwiler surfing.

 All photos are by me and words by Norm Hann.  If you ever want to see the Great Bear Rainforest, or learn how to SUP, do it with Norm. The guy is legendary and knows the north coast so so so well.